✝ no refunds

all of my main item products (excluding gachas) are no transfer. this means that they can not be returned. therefore, refunds are not able to be given. the only time i will offer a refund is if you double purchased an item, with proof. gachas can not be refunded, because they are a random output.

✝ redelivery 

if you have accidentally deleted an item, or lag caused your item to never be delivered, head to my mainstore and look for the redelivery terminal (on the front desk). to try and protect myself from scamming, i do not deal with every redelivery personally. if you have purchased an item and it is not showing on the available redeliveries, please send me a notecard, with the transaction ID (found on secondlife.com).

✝ demos

demos are put on products so you can test them before you buy them, that way you are sure you want to purchase them. make sure you like the fit, textures, & features before purchasing, because there are no refunds.

✝ packs & fatpacks
full huds are included in all packs and NOT fatpack exclusive. products are sold by body fits, not colors.


now that glutz is created for many different bodies, please check to make sure you are purchasing the correct product for the body you want to fit. marketplace items are clearly listed with the appropriate body in the title. body mods are listed in the description. in the mainstore, the purchase books are the names of the body, with what mods they fit underneath in text. please make sure you have compatible bodies before purchase. i do not give refunds for purchasing the "wrong" body.

✝ modding

all product are modifiable. see faq if you're having trouble with this.

in-world group rules

  • posting the current number/letter for lucky boards & midnight madnesses is allowed

  • spoiling hunt locations is not allowed, & is bannable.

  • no roleplaying, vile language, arguing, or other hurtful words

  • feel free to ask where you can find a certain item

  • spamming, being rude, and passive aggressive comments not permitted