frequently asked questions

✝ i did not receive this item/i lost this item.

products can be redelivered by visiting my mainstore, even if they were purchased from an event or the marketplace. if the item was a no copy gacha, it is not able to be redelivered.

✝ can i have a refund?

all sales are final. please read the product descriptions & try the demo before purchasing. more info on refunds can be found under policies.

✝ i purchased the wrong body, can i have a refund?
unfortunately, i can't refund you for purchasing the wrong body size. i do not know what bodies you own, therefore i can't be sure that you are being truthful on if it is the wrong size. please make sure you're reading the correct vendor purchase button, and that you are on the correct page of marketplace. when you are on the demo marketplace listing, do NOT click "view full product" because it will give you a random size listing.

✝ this item was listed as modifiable, but it's not.

because of the scripts inside items, in your inventory they may say (no modify) after the object name. rez them on the ground, and they will be modifiable. scripts, huds, appliers, & some old gachas will not be modifiable.

✝ where are the texture/ao/uv maps for "x"?

newer products have modding maps in the "info and thanks" notecard. older products had the textures packed in the box. if they were not included, please make sure that the product even had them advertised to be included (most do!). if they are missing, contact me.

✝ where can i find this product? or, why can't i buy this product from your mainstore?

if there is a poster under the product image, the item is still exclusively at the event. please teleport to the event by clicking the poster. if it's an older item that is not in the older items room, it may be retired.

✝ will you make 'x' for the body mod 'y'? or will you fit this product to a different body?

you can suggest it, but with the amount of bodies & body mods, it usually comes down to personal preference, and a business standpoint of mine to create for more popular & well made bodies/mods. some older products are too complex & would not translate well to fitting to other bodies.

✝ mall & vendor locations

i'm very flattered that you'd like me to be at your new spot! but, if the traffic isn't very high, or the demographic isn't similar to what i sell, i can't really put up a shop there. also, sometimes i'll try it out, and then check my sales. if it didn't do very well, i can't renew. feel free to send me your information, but please do not bug me if i don't reply.

✝ can i be a model in your ads?
sorry, i do not use any models for my ads. however, you can apply to be a blogger!

✝ can i become a glutz blogger?
please apply here!

still need help? the best ways to contact me are listed here.