✝ support channel

to start receiving support with a glutz product, you'll want to head to the channel called "🆘 glutz-supportstart your message with "-ticket" and start describing the issue you're having. it will create a new channel that only you & support team members can see. the channel will be found at the top of the list. please provide screenshots in the newly created channel. also, please be patient!

✝ rules

× keep chat pg-13. no sexual explicit images, links, or roleplaying unless in a NSFW channel. this also includes racist & harmful nicknames. no x-rated real life photos in any channels. anime/art is okay. the nsfw cannel is OPT IN & you must agree to the rules. to join, find #🥇grab-a-role

× be respectful. be nice to others. if you have an issue with someone, block them. if there is an issue within the chat, message an admin. if you really want to argue with someone, move to private messages.

× no spamming. please do not post large ascii art, all caps posts, or send a bunch of messages in a short amount of time.

× keep conversations in the correct channels.

× no promotions, without permission. do not promote other discords, secondlife events, products, stores, twitch channels, social media, etc in channels other than #💁self-promotion

× please, do not @ or dm mae. if you need support, please use #🆘glutz-support to create a ticket. please do not ask general knowledge questions (landmark, what hair/etc was used in an ad, price on something, etc) in a support ticket, feel free to ask in #💻second-life.

✝ community

introduce yourself in #👋introductions

grab different discord roles to find channels that might interest you, join an @able role, or define yourself in #🥇grab-a-role